Automated Form Processing

There are too many business operations in which handwritten forms need to be processed. While it takes only a few seconds to fill a form, manual processing of the filled form consumes much time and always prone to human error. Automated form processing reduce manual data entry time and helps to increase efficiency of your business model.

Intelligent Form Capture uses intelligent character recognition (ICR) to extract handwritten data from any type of forms. Besides, our solution’s deep learning ability makes it possible to understand and process new form layouts.


Discover Automated Form Processing Use Cases

Application Forms

Many industries use application forms, which customers fill by handwriting. Banking, insurance, retail and healthcare companies can save time and money with intelligent form capture.


Customer satisfaction and other questionnary forms are very important for improving business processes. Yet it is not easy to process data manually and turn it into valuable insight.

Delivery Notes

Courier companies need to process high volumes of delivery notes everyday. It is crucial to process delivery data correctly, so that many other processes can operate properly.

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