OCR API for Developers

Start extracting data from images and PDF documents today.

OCR API helps you to extract data from image files and PDF documents. Outputs are returned in JSON or XML formats. Our cloud based API is avaliable 7/24 and is one of the most reliable OCR solutions.

Automated data extraction will let your team to focus on core and strategic tasks, instead of manual data processing.

How Does OCR API Work?

OCR API is a solution for implementing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology in your projects. With countless applications in various industries, OCR is a handy business tool to optimize processes. Most commonly, it is used for eliminating manual document processing.

Its significant role becomes visible, especially handling large numbers of variable documents. Invoices, ID cards, expense receipts, legal documents, forms and all other document types have different lay-outs. onVision OCR API is template agnostic and enables you to extract data automatically, without human intervention.

Thanks to deep learning, it can learn by itself and becomes able to understand new document types.

ocr api for developers

OCR API Features

  • 119 Languages Supported

  • Cloud Based

  • Handwritten Texts

  • 7/24 and Fast

Want to try OCR API?


Yes, it is. onVision OCR API uses AI features and deep learning to read and understand various document types and layouts.

Exception rules and warning procedures are built in OCR API. AP team can always control and intervene. Nevertheless, our aim is to reach maximal accuracy rates.

No, you don’t need to. Our OCR API works on cloud. The only device/hardware you need to run OCR API is a mobile phone or scanner to generate image of your documents.

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