Human Resources Document Management offers solutions that digitize your human resources processes. You can safely manage your HR documents and processes:

  • Digital Personnel File Management
  • Vacation and Travel Management

Features and Functions


    A know-how database created by the protection of information and documents kept in different locations around the world under a single roof.


    Organized, classified document structure with dynamic authority structure.


    Web-based and mobile support


    Microsoft Office and E-Mail Integration


    Easy access menu based on document-based authorization,


    SAP (Certified) integration and integration with other ERP systems


    Searching/finding the document and the word in the document ( Fulltext Search ), Monitoring, tracking and reminders of transaction dates,


    Access to the Easy interface from different parts of the world with different language support,

Digital Personnel File Management

By digital personnel file, securely and easily stores sensitive human resources documents, provides fully controllable access and full documentation at all times.

Flexibility to relax employees in internal and external management capacity controls and monitoring of all tasks.

The digital company file provides flexible and secure storage of all information and documents within the scope of Human Resources beyond the personnel file.

Integration with personnel database,
SAP (certified) integration,
Entire organization of group companies, (upper-middle-lower management) based entry, Determination of approval authorizations,
Personnel’s registry, department, manager, marital status, seminar information entry,
Personnel official documents and scanning and tracking documents.

Vacation and Travel Management

Vacation management simplifies corporate leave management; Increases your staff productivity with accelerated processes and transparent control.

  • Advanced approval mechanism according to vacation type, (Department Manager Approval / HR Approval)
  • Vacation request and sending for approval with the Personnel Vacation Request Form,
  • Integration with the e-mail system,
  • SAP (certified) integration,
  • Integration with the personnel database,
  • Holiday definitions, vacation type, payroll settings, parametric information entries for working days,
  • History information,
  • Permission reports in advanced format