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In order to stay ahead of the ever-increasing global competition, an insurance company has to be fast, reliable and error-free. The way to do this is through digitalization. Digitization for the insurance industry should start with precise data extraction, intelligent document processing and process automation.

Insurance operations such as underwriting, claims management, policy servicing, onboarding, no claim bonus, risk score, verification, disputed claims resolution, regulatory compliance require struggling with paper documents and forms. However, the use of tools such as intelligent document processing and data extraction in an artificial intelligence supported framework can quickly bring the impact of digital transformation to your company.

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First notice of loss (FNOL)

FNOL documents come from several resources, in various formats. Claims representatives need to spend long working hours to read, verify and analyze all the content. onVision can help to speed up gathering claims and streamline data extraction and integration.

New Submission

Automate receiving of documents for new policies from agents, convert raw data such as emails, forms, value statements and damage reports into usable data and run processes without additional back office work.

Approval and Payment

Approval of benefit calculation and payment is the final and critical step for insurance companies. Because there is no room for error at this stage, it takes long to check, verify and validate between different systems and processes.

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