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Invoice Extraction

Invoice processing is a key joint stage of many business operations. AP department needs to extract data from various invoice types and formats (PDF, printed etc.) and transfer these data into their own core system only after they verify the content. It usually takes long to step further and discrepancies occur frequently during manual work.

We offer you a powerful tool, which is capable of understanding all invoice variations, including every line item. Based on Artificial Intelligence, onVision Invoice Extraction tool is built to automate invoice processing.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

onVision IDP is built to present a full fledged solution for document processing needs. Owing to its ingenious AI base and the powerful tools (OCR, ICR, email listening, folder watch, RPA) that are utilized; flexibility speed and accuracy are on the tip of your fingers.

Companies struggle to process all types of documents, which come in a variety of formats. It is a very time-consuming and high cost operation. Our cloud based solution offers a clear cut transformation. onVision IDP will recognize each type of data (no matter textual or visual), extract and turn into structured data. Beyond, it will learn about new incoming document types and process them without any pre-defined template.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

onVision RPA (robotic process automation) analyzes your all process with machine learning. It suggest your routines to autonomous bot processes. Write Scripts for yourself. Schedule it for yourself. Do it for yourself. You can design your own processes with Visual Designer without a single line of code. Schedule any job into any sequance.

With the power of RobotScript© which based on Javascript you can develop your own most complex business easily. It’s easy to use. Hundreds of ready scripts on the library.

Invoice Capture and IDP Assets of onVision Technology

  • Handwritten Texts

    Handwritten text extraction in English, Chinese (simplified),French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

  • API Call

    You can extract data from any invoice with just a single API call. Line items can also be extracted with ease using Artificial Intelligence.

  • Up to 1.000 pages

    For PDF and TIFF files, up to 1.000 pages are processed.

  • File Formats

    Supported file formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDF, and TIFF

  • Web Scan

    You can use a mobile device to take the photo of a document and upload it to the website, on which we will extract and send the data through the API or to any email address you want.


Automated processing means you no longer have to extract and enter your data manually.


The structured data can be integrated with ERP/DMS and other systems.


Artificial Intelligence will eliminate costly data mistakes.

Intelligent Document Processing: Beyond OCR

OCR solution definitely speeds up process of entering data from invoices and receipts. Despite this, it has some drawbacks:

  • Needs templates to apply for new documents patterns
  • Low quality scanned documents are not easy to recognize
  • Hard to read some additional data like QR codes, barcodes or handwritten marks

Our solution provides document recognition using Artificial Intelligence algorithms. It is fast and has very high accuracy. The system learns basing on already scanned documents, so it needs no templates and every additional data is included in recognized data.

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