Construction Documents & Correspondence Management

Between employers, contractors and designer companies.

Construction Documents Correspondence Management

Large construction projects not only require meticulous planning, but also require a complete archiving and management with absolute transparency. Construction document correspondence management Because there are many sub-contractors and different teams involved in each process.

The process that will emerge after the rules and revision regulations, supervision and communication framework to which the correspondence between the employer and the contractor are subject are determined is of vital importance for the healthy execution of construction projects. In case of possible delays or conflicts, all correspondence of the parties retrospectively should be followed up in a systematic archive structure. Otherwise, serious sanctions arising from the contract may be applied. Such risks constitute one of the most critical points of construction projects. Easy Construction Document Correspondence management protects you from great risks in your construction contracting projects.

In addition, critical in each of the many processes; There are many documents such as project planning documents, timelines, geological studies, requests, permits, inspection and acceptance documents, supplier contracts, subcontracting agreements. The variety and number of these documents make it impossible to do business with traditional paper printing and manual editing methods.

In addition to this challenge, the unique requirements of the construction industry, such as being able to work under intense time pressure, perfect planning-implementation and maximum flexibility when necessary, also require the digitalization of the workflow.

Many critical tasks, from calculating progress payments to assuring that work delivery and acceptance processes are carried out under contractual conditions, are only possible with the existence of an effective document management system.

How Should Effective DMS Be?

The document management system to be used in construction projects should have three main features due to both the structural characteristics of the sector and the multidimensional and binding contracts made between the parties.

  • It should be able to quickly include content and documents in various formats from different sources into the system. It should be easy to use for users on all devices.
  • It should have the flexibility to adapt to all micro and macro processes.
  • It should work with a technology that will fully digitize workflows and have software integration capability.

The powerful technology and integrated structure of Onvision solutions meet all of these criteria. Thanks to these advantages, it not only offers the contractor companies the opportunity to cut costs, but also helps to increase productivity by minimizing job loss in all construction projects, especially international projects, thanks to its fast and easy installation.

With its perfect archiving ability and the ability to use the digital archive in the most practical way; Onvision digitizes the workflows of massive construction projects in a way that does not allow for errors and delays. Moreover, it can be integrated with many other applications such as human resources, tender, purchasing, invoice and contract management.

Features and Functions


    Correspondence between employers, contractors and designer companies from a single interface on the basis of the relevant project, with a secure access structure.


    A know-how database created by the protection of information and documents kept in different locations around the world under a single roof.


    Transmittal , Letter , Submittal s, RFI forms, connected processes and information transfers,


    Organized, classified document structure with dynamic authority structure.


    Web-based and mobile support.


    Easy access menu based on document-based authorization,


    ERP,  LDAP connection option and integration,


    Searching/finding the document and the word in the document ( Fulltext Search ), Monitoring, tracking and reminders of transaction dates,


    Secure revision – version and presentation,


    Access to the Onvision interface from different parts of the world with different language support,

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