International operations and complex processes benefit from IDP

Multi-locations and cross functional operations require intelligent document processing

Tens of airplanes moving across countries; getting maintenance services, going through periodic audits, refueling. And hundreds of crew visiting different locations everyday.

This scene is only a small part of the complicated operational cycle of an aviation company. Besides, strict industry regulations and demanding passengers make it necessary to operate fast and flawlessly. Back-office jobs play an essential role to fullfill all requisites. And the only way to streamline back-office, is to utilize intelligent document processing.

Explore Use Cases

Maintenance/Repair Documents

Airplanes get maintenance and repair service in different airports regularly. Most of the documents/reports are handwritten and need to be processed fast and precisely.

Expence Slips/Receipts

Hundreds of crew visit countries on a daily basis and spend for several needs. Huge numbers of  expense slips, which arrive in different formats should be integrated to ERP or accounting system.

Refueling Invoices

Processing refueling invoices is one of the most time consuming task of AP teams in aviation companies. Invoice automation helps to keep business flow under control.

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