Invoice Extraction

onVision Invoice Extraction tool is an ideal solution for automated invoice processing. It is well known that manuel data entry is very time consuming and also prone to error. Many companies try to overcome this problem by using OCR technology, yet OCR doesn’t suffice to extract non-uniform data types.

Robotic Process Automation

onVision RPA (robotic process automation) analyzes your all process with machine learning. It suggest your routines to autonomous bot processes. Write Scripts for yourself. You can design your own processes with Visual Designer without a single line of code. Schedule any job into any sequence.

Intelligent Document Processing

onVision IDP is built to present a full fledged solution for document processing needs. Owing to its ingenious AI base and the powerful tools (OCR, ICR, email listening, folder watch, RPA) that are utilized; flexibility speed and accuracy are on the tip of your fingers.

Automated Form Processing

Manual processing of the handwritten forms consumes much time and always prone to human error. Automated form processing reduce manual data entry time and helps to increase efficiency of your business model.