Banking and Financial Services

Improve customer satisfaction while eliminating costly and risky manual operations
through intelligent process automation.

Security, speed and stability: outcomes of intelligent process automation

Banking and financial services are industries where digital transformation is emerging most rapidly and radically. Because these industries, which touch every aspect of their customers’ daily lives, also have to manage processes that will not accept the slightest mistake, such as full compliance with legal regulations, and the fight against fraud and forgery. Digitizing processes and enabling automation is vital to support operations that demand security, speed and stability. To accomplish all this, onVision gives you powerful tools.

The steps that start with extracting data from hundreds of document types without errors and continue by integrating this data into the process flows and the information system used by the institution can be customized according to the needs of each institution.

Meet our end-to-end automation solutions that use artificial intelligence to maximize customer and employee satisfaction.

Explore Use Cases

Report extraction

Banks and financial institutions receive and generate many reports. Extracting data from various types of reports will be a great benefit of intelligent document processing.

Account opening and closure

Account opening and closure processes involve paper based documents. Extracting data from these forms, ID cards, contracts etc. and integrating to core systems saves time and reduces costs.

Anti-money Laundering (AML)

AML process is highly manual and analysts spend most of their valuable time on data collection and entry instead of deep analysis. Let them do their job and leave repetitive tasks to automation.

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