Pegasus Airlines

Turkey’s digital airline

Digitized and automated invoice processing.

With its 118 scheduled flight destinations, Pegasus Airlines runs a massive day-to-day operation. Strict regulations of aviation industry and high expectations of passengers make it necessary to streamline every process. Back-office jobs plays an important role in this complicated international work environment.

Pegasus Airlines receives hundreds of invoices each day, which arrive from tens of countries and in various types and formats.

  • 400+ daily flights

  • 300+ invoices/day

  • 50.000 daily passengers

Extracting data from invoices for aircraft maintenance and repair services, fuel invoices received from airports of various countries as well as expense invoices of flight crews. Following extraction, transfering data to relevant accounting and repair tracking system.

Results of Invoice Automation

  • Invoice processing time reduced  by 70%
  • Accelerated repair & maintenance cycle
  • Tens of thousands of work hours saved annualy

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